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Young Heroes (Ages 4-6)

A fun introductory parkour class for 4-6 year olds.
Our Young Heroes class allows us to take advantage of this window of opportunity in a child’s life to introduce them to cross-training and create a substantial base for their physical capabilities. Our mission is to train body mechanics and awareness until it becomes second-nature, especially for our younger heroes. The Young Heroes training foundation is composed of 2 main disciplines:


The Young Heroes training foundation is composed of 2 main disciplines: PARKOUR Children love to jump up and down furniture and structures during these formative years and tend to be inexperienced with their own safety. We teach them how to play safely. This is a class where we teach students how to climb, jump, swing, and roll safely and correctly. These classes have a major focus on safely overcoming obstacles. We teach how to protect knees, elbows, and especially faces. The practice of parkour is the practice of 3-Dimensional problem solving. GYMNASTICS Our gymnastics classes focus on kinematics, or body position. This is where children learn how to support their weight and stay balanced while inverted. Form and body position are the major players here. Over time, your children will develop their balance, hand/eye/foot coordination, aerial awareness, spatial awareness, accuracy, strength, flexibility, teamwork, and problem solving through skills training, team work and collaboration with other students, and obstacle related games. ​
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