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 Parents Night Out / Nerf War

SOMETIMES us PaRENTS NEED a NIGHT OUT to themselves! So do our kids! everybody wins!


That's why every 3rd Friday of each month MU hosts our monthly Parent's Night Out/Nerf War!


We feed your kiddos, entertain them, & wear them out so they come home ready for a goodnight's sleep!

Give us a call ahead of time to pre-register so you don't lose your shot at a night to yourselves!


Just show up at 5:30 pm & drop your kids off at Movement United parkour & acrobatics!

Ages 5+

What's Included?

  • Pizza Party with Water/Gatorade Included!

  • Air Trick Mat (Like a Trampoline with air!)

  • Movement Games & Activities!

  • Parkour class/Open gym

  • Blacklight dodgeball/Blacklight Nerf


  • We Finish your awesome night eating pizza & watching a movie on our projector!

 $ Pricing $

  • $50/Members & $25/Additional Siblings

  • $60/Non-Members & $30/Additional Siblings


need to know!

  • Food is always from 9:30-10:30PM!

  • We ask that you keep the kiddos here for the full time! Enjoy your night out!

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