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At Movement United, we believe that everyone should work to become the best version of themselves.
We believe by mastering your mind & body, you create and cultivate more happiness in your life.
We believe that becoming the best version of ourselves allows us to be our happiest and to best serve others.
We believe that confidence is best achieved through overcoming obstacles and challenges you once thought were impossible.
By constantly working to improve ourselves and persevering through challenges, we gain self-confidence, self-awareness and re-instill our own self-worth.
Which is more important than ever as we can undermine our self-worth by comparing ourselves to others.
We believe in competition with oneself, which is what motivates us to be better each day.
Many Small improvements overtime = Massive growth.


Located at 24713 Crestview Ct, Farmington Hills, 48335,
Our mission is to provide the Michigan Parkour/Movement Community with the Best Coaching, Facility & Environment. Period.
What Does It Mean To Be A Parkour Gym That Teaches & Caters To Other Movement Styles/Disciplines?
It means applying the ideals of the discipline to everything we do here at MU. 
We Teach You Or Your Child how to overcome obstacles and move efficiently, learning along the way how to: appropriately gauge risk, which leads our students learning to believe in themselves and overcome their fears.
Many activities parents enroll their kids into speak about confidence but very few of these activities teach students: 360 degrees of body awareness, proper jumping/landing technique & air awareness. 
Fear is hardly ever encountered unless it is the fear or being hit or tackled. We believe these attributes are best cultivated by the disciplines we teach here at Movement United.
Play is an extremely part of life, we teach kids as young as age 2, and adults as old as 70+. Our students learn to move from the ground up, starting as "Parkour babies" in a sense.
We crawl before we walk, we walk before we run. "Slow is smooth and smooth is fast". Students learn via a curriculum developed by one of the most successful Parkour programs on the planet.
We adapt to accommodate to all types of students. We do our best to give our students the tools they need to believe in themselves.
We never instruct our students to perform skills or movements we know are not able to accomplish, mentally or physically. This does not mean they will not be challenged or that they will achieve these skills with ease or not attempt or fully commit to the challenge.
Join Our Community Of Leaders
 Parents: We want only the best for you and your child. This is why all of our Coach/Mentors are certified to teach. We do our best to instill the importance of school, respecting our parents, coaches and elders, and using our manners both in and out of class. Students or members who are not following these values in the gym, at school, or at home will not be allowed to attend classes, per their parent's, teacher's, or coach's request.
Adults: Each discipline or Art Form we teach to kids is also offered to Adults. Many parents of our students often join classes of their own. We cater to injuries, teaching and correcting movement patterns, which may help our adult students gain mobility and build strength. During these classes we offer many low-impact options to make these classes as safe and accessible as possible.
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Very Truly Yours,
The Team @ Movement United Parkour & Acrobatics


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