movement united

At Movement United, we believe that everyone should work to become the best version of themselves.
We believe by mastering your mind & body, you create and cultivate more happiness in your life.
We believe that becoming the best version of ourselves allows us to be our happiest and to best serve others.
We believe that confidence is best achieved through overcoming obstacles and challenges you once thought were impossible.
By constantly working to improve ourselves and persevering through challenges, we gain self-confidence, self-awareness and re-instill our own self-worth.
Which is more important than ever as we can undermine our self-worth by comparing ourselves to others.
We believe in competition with oneself, which is what motivates us to be better each day.



Try a Parkour Class & Learn to move like a super hero or your favorite Ninja Warrior on Television!

Or Learn to Tumble and Flip in one of our Tumbling Classes for Adults or Kids.

Fly Through the Air in one of our Aerial Silks Classes.

Call us at 248-987-2438 or email at 248-987-2438 to schedule your first trial class, register for a week or day camp,  or join us for our Monthly Parents Night Out Every 3rd Friday of the month. We look forward to meeting you,


-The Team At Movement United Parkour & Acrobatics.



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